Saturday, March 24, 2007


( traditional Indonesian of medicinal )

This Website comprise traditional medication article of Indonesia specific from this java.Website tribe is antecedent from all link to support this website.

Traditional drug is processed medicinal traditionally, by generations, pursuant to ancestors recipe, tradition, trust, or local habit, goodness have the character of traditional knowledge and also magic. According to present day research, traditional medicine is true be of benefit to health, and nowadays intensively its use because reached by easier of society, good of price and also availability. Traditional drug at the moment used many because according to some research not too side effects , because still can be digested by body
Some company process traditional obat-obatan which modified is furthermore. Part of traditional Drug which can be exploited is root, bar, fruit, flower and leaf. traditional Drug form which sold by many market in the form of capsule, liquid, tablet and simplisia .

Usage of drug coming from nature with flora raw material have been conducted by various tribe in indonesia since hundreds of year which ago
At mentioned java tribe remain to be conducted and preserve till a period of/to medication recipe now.Anything preserveing many and endowed by next generation and spread over society.
Nevertheless there are also medication recipe which publication do not to the public and only used by certain party/ side.
Medication recipe which dont be publicized its it used or kept by monarchic family party which have in command past .

At a period to now with technological progress
in processing medicinize which have fulfilled WHO standard, have many traditional medication recipe earn production in the form of more practical.
Besides have many various more circumstantial research is scientifically conducted by various university distinguish in indonesia work along with international institute and researcher from university in america and European in analysing traditional drug effect java medicine.

Relate to assortedly of disease at
a period of/to now pickaback technological and research which progressively possibility ,can be found by various drug to handle disease at period now by diging medication secret from indonesia.